Flying drones... WITH YOUR MIND!

@williamzitser asked "what if a pretty girl walks by while flying the drone with your mind?"

William, I searched their site, FAQ list, and manual for an answer but was unable to find anything that specifically dealt with sexual arousal during flight. My guess is that an altitude increase would occur, and said increase would be in direct relation to a) how hot said girl was and b) how little clothing said girl was not wearing.

See the fab BuzzFeed vid here.

Happy flying!

The Best GoPro Settings for Aerial Cinematography. You're welcome.

A nice little how-to writeup for the best settings for your drone and GoPro done by our friend Serrini over at Cineclast. Cineclast is our other blog which features travel, filmmaking, and other rando-tastic happenings, you should check it out.

This article though focuses mainly on settings, and moreover, best practices to get solid footage our of your drone.

Check out Best GoPro Settings for Perfect Drone Footage Here.

Happy reading!


Folks, drones are here, and they are here to stay, and... they are here to be judged, critiqued and given awards. 

Thats where I come in...

Randy Scott Slavin has created the NYC Drone Film Festival, and I am taking part in co-producing the event. I'm jazzed about it, and how much love we're getting so far. NY Post, the WSJ, Gizmodo... keep it coming. 

Submissions are open now... and the festival itself will be in NYC in February. We will have some amazing key speakers, special guests, and directors, all of which will be judging the worlds best drone films. It will be epic. 

Stay tuned for more news as we go, and definitely send in your film. Great fame and fortune awaits. And maybe an Inspire 1... ;)


DJI Inspire 1... Good morning nurse!

DJI dropped a huge fantastic bomb today with their new drone, the Inspire 1. This badboy has an integrated 4K camera (24/30fps) on a 360º gimbal. The legs retract upon lift off, and it has a some sweet programmable features that allow you to program flights via your android device, as well as a sweet new Point Of Interest feature that basically takes all the skill out of flying (Thanks DJI!)

The Mythbusters crew was on set to give their thumbs-up and was paid off handsomely with two new copters. Score one for the Mythbusters crew. 

At 3K for a copter this is definitely a good deal, considering that DSLRpros sell similar Phantom 2 setups for much more. 

NYC Droner is in line for his... stay tuned!

"Cambodia" one of the most beautiful films on the net;)

So proud of this... Gizmodo, one of my favorite tech blogs, has voted one of my little films as one of their favorites. The other films are incredible, and just being in good company is reward enough.

Thanks Giz!

Drone Deliveries... here we go Germany.

So DHL Germany is going to start deliveries today. Every time I hear a story about this I think its a PR stunt, but, there are real benefits to this type of transport. I can see remote locations needing light weight supplies (think medicines) being a major target. I doubt though I'll be getting my toaster oven delivered anytime soon.


Live magic using drones and lampshades.

This is an amazing piece of work, produced by the imageniuses Cirque du Soleil ... It's a fantastic example of using technology for art. Pure bliss.

And definitely check out the behind the scenes... 

FAA grants drone usage to the Film Biz.

So this is interesting...

6 aerial video companies have been "granted" permission from the FAA to legally operate drones on sets. Conditions are that they must remain in sight, be flown only during the day, and a fire and EMT must be present on set.

Personally I'm glad this happened, although interested on why only 6 companies have been given access to this. Regardless, the doors are open people... and we are live;)


Well... we're moving... from our old blog site, to this brand spanking new one. I will be re-posting some of the more popular posts, the ones that seemed most helpful, and adding tons of new content, so stay in frequency!

(P.S. there will be lots of aerial puns on this new blog so check your flight program ((be prepared... sorry... some will be weak)))