DJI Inspire 1... Good morning nurse!

DJI dropped a huge fantastic bomb today with their new drone, the Inspire 1. This badboy has an integrated 4K camera (24/30fps) on a 360º gimbal. The legs retract upon lift off, and it has a some sweet programmable features that allow you to program flights via your android device, as well as a sweet new Point Of Interest feature that basically takes all the skill out of flying (Thanks DJI!)

The Mythbusters crew was on set to give their thumbs-up and was paid off handsomely with two new copters. Score one for the Mythbusters crew. 

At 3K for a copter this is definitely a good deal, considering that DSLRpros sell similar Phantom 2 setups for much more. 

NYC Droner is in line for his... stay tuned!